How to start your investment journey?

The first step that will make life easier for novice investors — learn the investment basics with Bakksy education bot.

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4 min readMar 16, 2023

Vasyl Matiy, a professional investor with ten years of experience in banking, investment, and asset management, has reviewed the Bakksy education bot for novices. And here’s what he can say about it:

«Bakksy educational investment bot is an exceptional resource for individuals who are new to investing and looking to gain knowledge about financial markets.

One of the standout features of the Bakksy bot is its ability to explain the aim of investing in a simple and clear manner. It emphasizes the importance of having clear investment goals and using investing as a way to achieve those goals over the long term. This helps beginners understand why investing is important and how it can benefit them in the future.

Screenshot from the Bakksy bot in Telegram. Chapter 2 — The Aim.

The Bakksy bot also does an excellent job of explaining the difference between trading and investing. It makes it clear that long-term investing is a better option for retail investors, while trading is more suited for Wall Street professionals. This distinction is crucial as it helps users to understand which strategy is best suited for their investment goals.

Screenshot from the Bakksy bot in Telegram. Chapter 6— The Diversification.

Another significant benefit of the Bakksy bot is its clear explanation of the concept of profit and risk. It highlights that all investments carry some level of risk, but the potential for profit increases with higher risk investments. This helps users to understand the importance of balancing risk and reward when making investment decisions.

Screenshot from the Bakksy bot in Telegram. Chapter 3 — The Difference.

Furthermore, the Bakksy bot provides guidance on diversification, which is a key strategy for reducing risk in an investment portfolio. It explains that diversification involves investing in a variety of different assets, such as stocks and ETFs, to spread out risk and minimize the impact of any one asset on the overall portfolio.

The tests after each chapter help to summarize knowledge and ensure that users have a good understanding of the concepts covered. The final test is particularly valuable as it analyzes how well users have memorized the information and provides feedback on areas that need improvement.

Screenshot from the Bakksy bot in Telegram. Chapter 2 — The Correlation.

Additionally, the Bakksy bot includes great quotes from famous investors, which makes education more interesting and enjoyable. The quotes provide real-life examples of investing principles in action and serve as inspiration for users to learn more.

Screenshot from the Bakksy bot in Telegram. Chapter 6— The Diversification.

Finally, the bonus stock for successfully finishing the test adds additional value to users. It acts as an incentive to complete the course and helps to reinforce the concepts covered.

Screenshot from the Bakksy bot in Telegram. Certificate after successful completion of the final test with a free stock in it.

Overall, in my opinion, the Bakksy educational investment bot for beginners is an outstanding tool for those seeking to learn about investing and build their financial literacy.»

To sum up, Vasyl states that the Bakksy educational bot is a great tool for novice investors to gain knowledge about financial markets and build their financial literacy. It may be the greatest starting point for your investment journey.

With its easy-to-understand explanations, tests, and quotes from famous investors, it makes the learning process enjoyable and reinforces the concepts covered. By using the Bakksy bot, people can confidently navigate the world of investing, start investing conciously and achieve their financial goals.

So start your most fun and exciting investment journey right now with Bakksy!